Automator workflow with rsync

Sometimes it's really sad to see how people are bumping their head against walls when they try to pubish files on a webserver. Especially when it comes to "automating" the transfer, so they don't have to track each and every file.

Personally, I always recommend using rsync, which is very powerful, super-fast, well tested and comes with OS X. The problem is that most people are afraid of that mystic thing called "" and want to avoid it by all means, even if that creates even more sources for problems. After all, syncing one folder with another is only one command, so why would one want to avoid it? Anyhow, tonight I had the unusual situation of being in the mood for end-user support and I created an automator workflow that asks for the source folder and for the destination and then executes rsync and show its output using "".

I don't think it's secure, but hey. (whatever that means)