A new browser, yuppie!

Google just released a new web-browser called "Google Chrome". Fine. Nice. Any comments? yes!

  • They say it's open source. Nice! But why do I have to "sign up" to get it? And why am I not able to download it when browsing from a non-windows computer?
  • They say "one box for everything". Nice! But how do I know what the box does when I mistype a URL? Does it get submitted for safe browsing to google too? Come on, it is an address bar. Let it be that way. I am not sure making things "simple" this way is solving anything.
  • They say "shortcuts for your apps". OK, this has been around on the Mac and on Linux since years. So is this just a workaround for a crappy system on Windows?
  • They say "incognito mode". Well, to be a bit harsh, this is seriously misleading as it does not explain where you stay incognito. Also, why is it not called "porn mode"?
  • Isolating each tab into its own process: ok, good idea, but why do I need a crash manager inside an application??? WTF? Replace the operating system with a browser? Why do I need "easy" switching between tabs etc. when the OS comes with a window manager that supposedly solves this problem already?
  • Safe browsing? Ah, yeah. Submit all your sensitive browsing information to google inc. (Is this disabled in porn mode?)

Anyhow, my comments may seem backward, but hey, there is nothing in it that really makes me enthusiastic in any way. The cool thing is that is is open- source (special thanks should probably mostly go to the former khtml team from the kde project).

But what does it offer right now that firefox or safari or any other browser does not offer? I still don't have a webbrowser that has a visual history that I can search "easily" (oh yeah, I forgot, maybe you can install the privacy problem infected google desktop search).

Last but not least, will it support the "Customize google" extension to get rid of the google cookie???? The day Google admitted not being nice is long ago.

I believe even more people are now going to put their private data into google online services. What a sad day.

p.s.: If you are a firefox user, I strongly suggest you install adblock and noscript, you will be amazed how nice surfing can be (or shocked about what information crosses your network for your casual surfing).