A good moment to ditch Skype and go OpenWengo

As Skype has been down since this morning and still is not back up, everybody using it must have realized that it is not a viable communication system, at least in a corporate context. To be honest, I'm actually happy this happens because I dislike Skype for several reasons:

  • closed protocol
  • shitty linux version (ever tried it?)
  • encryption undocumented/unclear
  • no SIP integration
  • not compatible with other IM systems
  • not opensource (only free as in free beer)
  • SkypeOut credit expires if not used within a certain amount of time (this is illegal in some countries)

Check out www.openwengo.org (*) for an open- source alternative that has a solutions for all the drawbacks I just mentioned.

See http://heartbeat.skype.com/2007/08/the_latest_on_the_skype_signon.html for the somewhat sleazy official message from SKype going to millions of users.

() Edited 2018-05-07: link dead, project seems to be non-existent at this point*